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Interview with Natalie Wilson

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NewYorkGospel.com talks with gospel artist Natalie Wilson.

NewYorkGospel.com: Where are you from?
Natalie Wilson: I’m from New Jersey.

NewYorkGospel.com: Where do you reside now?
Natalie Wilson: Jersey City, NJ. I spend a lot of time in Brooklyn but I’m from Jersey City.

NewYorkGospel.com: Are you working on your next album/CD?
Natalie Wilson: I’m currently working on a solo project. I’m really, really, really excited about that. It’s coming along pretty good. I’m at the beginning stages of it. I’m looking forward to a 2007 release. I’m very excited about it. It will be a culmination of a couple of my friends that will come in and help me out in the studio and with backgrounds. Maybe some guest appearances here and there.

NewYorkGospel.com: Any guest artists that will be on this project that you are able to share with us at this time?
Natalie Wilson: (Laughs) It’s way too early in the project because I have some aspirations of who I would like involved, but that’s never ever confirmed until the record company clears it.

NewYorkGospel.com: That’s cool.

NewYorkGospel.com: Who will be the producers of your next album?
Natalie Wilson: Joe produced my last album and he and I will continue to work together on this project as well. Also a production team called Firestorm, which is a new production team out of Brooklyn. I\'m also working with Aaron Lindsey from Israel and New Breed, and Jamie Hawkins, a new producer, as well as Tommy Sims.

NewYorkGospel.com: What kind of sound can we expect?
Natalie Wilson: Wow! There’s going to be more praise and worship because it’s more of the intimate heart and the way that I express myself.

NewYorkGospel.com: So, we’re going to see more of the real Natalie Wilson?
Natalie Wilson: A personal worship, whereas with S.O.P., I had to pretty much write and accommodate twenty other people and speak for a group. Now I have the pleasure of speaking for myself.

NewYorkGospel.com: Has that been liberating in a way?
Natalie Wilson: It is very liberating but at times kind of scary because you are used to working with a group. It’s like you can be used to cooking for 20 people and then going down to just one and you say, Wow! Now it’s just me. It’s an adjustment and kind of bittersweet because S.O.P. was like a security blanket for me when we traveled and ministered. It’s so much easier when you have a group with you. You aren’t out there by yourself. When you have twenty people really praising God with you it makes it a little easier. Now I’m by myself. But we are never alone though because God is always there with us.

NewYorkGospel.com: Is S.O.P. still in existence and are you still affiliated with them?
Natalie Wilson: They are still in existence. We don’t do a lot of dates together as a group anymore, but a lot of them are ministers of music at their own church.

NewYorkGospel.com: Natalie, who have been some of your musical influences?
Natalie Wilson: One of my inspirations was Hezekiah Walker. He is right here in New York. When we started with S.O.P. he really came to our rehearsals and supported us and took us under his wing. Donald Lawrence was another inspiration; he was in the region and area. He was part of the denomination that I grew up in. He was a direct influence.

NewYorkGospel.com: Anyone else?
Natalie Wilson: Do you want me to stay in my area?

NewYorkGospel.com: No.
Natalie Wilson: I’ve actually been heavily influenced by the Hawkins family and Andrae Crouch, The Clark Sisters, that whole contemporary gospel era.

NewYorkGospel.com: What artists do you listen to?
Natalie Wilson: I can’t let you in (chuckling). I listen to the old stuff. I listen to Thomas Whitfield. I’m a huge fan of Tye Tribbett - that’s my brother. Tye and me we hit the pavement together when we started.

NewYorkGospel.com: You ought to have Tye on the next album.
Natalie Wilson: Yes, (laughs) we did talk about that.

NewYorkGospel.com: Oh! I finally got that out of you.
Natalie Wilson: Okay, let’s see who else. I really listen to and I became attached to Joann Rosario’s last project.

NewYorkGospel.com: Who else do you listen to?
Natalie Wilson: Myron Butler.

NewYorkGospel.com: What about J. Moss?
Natalie Wilson: Oh yes, definitely, he’s my label mate. Every project that has come out in the last few years has been absolutely 5-stars. It is so encouraging to know that everybody has really stepped up their game. The production, vocals, the music, everybody is “killing it“ right now.

NewYorkGospel.com: Will your new solo project be on the GospoCentric label?
Natalie Wilson: Yes, it will be on GospoCentric. Also, my management company and I are considering doing a joint venture in the future.

NewYorkGospel.com: Oh, so you’re breaking with some hot news here. Can I write this?
Natalie Wilson: Absolutely.

NewYorkGospel.com: Okay! Wow! You and Flipside are considering a record label? That’s big!
Natalie Wilson: Yes.

NewYorkGospel.com: That’s wonderful. Natalie, that’s all I got for you. It’s been a pleasure. I wish you the best on your upcoming album.
Natalie Wilson: Thank you.

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